Something went horribly wrong with Webflow, or is it me?

Something is horribly wrong with either Webflow or me. My blog page (Brush Aside Blog) is totally frozen. So is my blog template page. I have two other template pages connected to the same CMS, (Archive Folders Template and Categories Template) and they work perfectly.

This is the second time this has happened this week. The first time was a couple of days ago. I restored back to an earlier working version but it meant me losing ten hours of labor. I really don’t want to go through that again. I’m hoping it requires just a slight adjustment but this has me at wit’s end. All I want to do is finish this thing and get back to normality.

The crazy thing is that it works perfectly fine on mobile portrait, just not on the desktop, tablet, or mobile landscape.

And last but not least, the Webflow window keeps going white and the page I’m on automatically reloads losing my last few changes. Sometimes it happens, once an hour, other times after a few minutes. When it reloads, the following message is then displayed: “This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred.”

Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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The read only link is working fine for me. Have you published your site with extension? Do you mind providing that link so I can see how it is working on my desktop, tablet, and mobile?

What browser are you using for the webflow designer?

Have you added any custom code to your website?


Thank you for getting back. Here’s the published site:

I’m using Safari on the latest Mac OS. Yes I have custom code.

I appreciate your taking the time to look.

Hi there,

I have had a look at your site (both and preview from ‘Read Only’ link) and everything seems to function normally??

Sometimes (from experience) we can get unexpected behaviour in the browser due to an extension. Have you tested to see if these issue’s persist when using an ‘Incognito Window’, or ‘Private Window’?

As a side note, I noticed on your footer the following:

You can remove it by changing this setting:

Let us know what the results are.


I have checked my site on two computers and an iPad Pro. I used a private window as well. I tried different browsers, all to no avail. How can it possibly be working for you?

I realized that I had added code from this page: just before everything went crazy.

It’s on the Webflow site so I thought it would be ok. I now realize that I added it right before my troubles with the blog began. I tried removing the code and the buttons from my site but to no avail. Everything stayed frozen. For now, I restored everything back to the nonfunctioning blog. I’m pretty sure this is the offending code but what should I do?

After I removed the buttons and the code I still saw the buttons and content still appeared on the frozen page.

Also, I had placed the code in the “inside tag” window in the custom code area. In the tutorial, there was no distinction between that and the “Beforetag” window. I’m not a coder so I’m flying solo here.

I just moved the code to the “Beforetag” window but that didn’t seem to make any difference. It’s still frozen.

So now I’m deciding, should I just restore to a previous back-up where everything worked and get rid of that code before it makes a mess of everything? If so, I’m basically junking two weeks of work, but the only other alternative seems to be for me to delete the entire CMS collection, but I think it would take much less time.

I’m at a loss.

I acknowledge that I totally screwed up somewhere down the line, but I think that Webflow is also at fault. The videos are entertaining and informative but nowhere is there training for someone who, like me, isn’t a coder. I’ve been a teacher for over 40 years and the way Webflow is “taught” is by a rote method. Follow this step, then this step, etc. There is no explanation as to why and how things work. It’s like all those manuals written by someone who already knows how to put it together.

I originally bought into Webflow because I wanted a fast loading site that required no technical knowledge, a superior product to Wix and Squarespace. At this point, I’m totally disappointed and frustrated. I love the way my site looks but it’s just one technical problem after the next. I started this in January and it’s still not done.

Can someone please talk me down from the ledge?

@paint.you1830 did you try to contact support ? they will let you know if your problem is a bug and they will fix it for you, or if it is a design problem and they will put you on the right track to fix it. Good luck!

I sent them an email yesterday. I haven’t heard back yet. I really can’t wait too long because I need to get this site up and running. I know I sound like a whiney birch, but I’m so frustrated. It pains me that Webflow tech support takes so long to respond. Webflow isn’t cheap. Serving customers should be #1 priority. They should hire more techs.

I agree with you, your website does look awesome. :slight_smile:

So everything worked fine before adding the social share button? Were you able to completely remove it from the site?

I would be glad to take a look at this for you. See if I can’t get it back to working state for you - no promises though.

If you are interested, feel free to pm me and we can discuss further. I might be able to grab your original code, before the social media button from your backups.


Looks great on my end. Nice site!

Maybe some caching issue. I know at times, I’ve had some issues where exiting my project and relaunching sometimes helps clear inconsistencies. Might not help you, but food for thought.

Thank you Teresa for helping me out and checking out my site. You found the erroneous code, which wasn’t even the code I had surmised it to be. Now everything works perfectly. You saved me weeks of redoing everything and I am so grateful for your assistance. You are the best. You should change your name from PixelPanda to WebflowWhisperer!

Thank you. :slight_smile: Glad to help.