Some links not working in directory

Hi guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have two pages where some links are working and most are not. They were all working but when I updated the ads to the new fall versions, now many links are no longer working. I had this problem on an off a few months back where the code seems perfect and yet the link takes you to the top of the page but displays the div where it’s supposed to go (but doesn’t). Previously they were not working then all of a sudden started working? Which makes no sense. Anyhow now most are not working and we have rolled out our fall site today, so that is not great that things are not working! The pages are Business directory vertical and Quickscan vertical. Some links work but most don’t. I have read a bunch of post about similar links not working and have checked all the suggestions on those but can’t figure out what is happening. Your help in advance is so much appreciated. Thanks Phil

Here is my link.