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Some Images Not Showing Up (Acer Chromebook R 11)

So sorry if I posted in the wrong place… I’m still trying to figure out how to use the site.

So I have an Acer Chromebook R 11, as you probably read in the title. Not all images, but some images are not showing up on certain sites, for example, on forums. If the forum has a Photo Gallery or something like that, the pictures show up just fine. But when people post pictures in their post or whatever, they don’t show up and instead a little box/icon thing is in its place.

I’ve tried googling it and people have suggested resetting the browser ( won’t let me/ there’s no button or results when searched in Settings), disabling some added extensions (did that, nothing changed), adjust website content settings (tried that…it was already on “Show all Images”).

It’s very frustrating… I don’t know how to fix it. Like I said, some images show up and others don’t. I think it was only one time that a couple of images showed up on a forum I was on and I was surprised… but ever since they haven’t showed up again.

Hi @em1tech Can you share your read-only link?

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