"Some images do not have explicit dimensions"

Recently a lot of the SEO tests I run on our websites are reporting the this error: “Some images do not have explicit dimensions”.

This usually happens with images that are in a collection.

See this report:

The first image it’s referring to can be found on this page:

The size settings are as followed:
Skjermbilde 2021-08-06 145952

But seeing as this is an image from collection, there are no Image Settings I can edit.

Can someone please explain how I can fix this issue? I would appreciate if anyone can explain specifically for the image I’m referring to, as well as how to avoid the issue in general in the future.

Thanks in advance!

I was curious myself thinking setting a fixed size div but there is an option on the cms in the designer.
Screenshot 2021-08-06 162943
change auto to the size you want

But isn’t auto the best solution considering scaling?

That’s a separate topic. Can you tick solution and the heart for some loving please if my help fixed your thread.

I have the same problem, and I’ve done some testing.

On this page I’ve added 2 images, and only given the first image width and height in the style panel.

Only the image without the dimensions are getting an error message

Use the Style panel to give the images a dimension, not the Element Settings panel.

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