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Some image from collection scales some dont?

Hi Webflowders

I have a simple collection of data and images listed underneath each other.
My problem is that some (not all) of the images are scaling bigger than the uploaded image (ex Blooms hotel)… and they all have the same class, which is very mysterious to me?

Hope someone can tell me whats going wrong.
(When I view the page inside webflow it looks how it should and the images have their original sizes)


Hi Kim,

The reason your images are scaling to different sizes is because you haven’t set a width / height on the image class, if you want the images to be uniform without image distortion, I’d personally recommend adding a div with a percentage width and height of the parent and pull the images in as a dynamic background image set to cover.

P.s I recommend percentage widths as it makes it easer when it comes to responsive, but if you want a specific width and height use px :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps :grinning:


Thank you for your reply.
But I dont want a specific height/width, I just want to keep the images to maximum keep the sizes their are beeing uploaded in… which is happening for some, while some are scaled to max width of the container…

It should not be nessacery to give them a specific size


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