Some help with menu


I’ve started working on a new website, here is the share link;

I like how the website looks in desktop but when viewing it on other devices the menu doesn’t look right because I don’t have the logo as part of the nav element.

I was just wondering do you guys have any design advice? It would be good if I could move the nav menu next to the logo when viewed on other devices but I dont think thats possible?


Hi, @Matty

I would try to move logo div inside the navbar in the structure

And if you want to have it side-by-side to the menu on mobile devices set it float: left and navbar-container set float: right

It is the look you will get when menu will be opened:

I am not sure it is exactly what you was thinking about, but at least some idea.


It’s not quite what I was looking for.

I want the desktop view to remain how it is, but on other device’s I want the hamburger next to the logo is that possible?

Absolutely possible :slightly_smiling:

Here is a video of how to do this: