Some help with an autoplay video

I’m building a page on my site where I want a small video to autoplay over an image of a macbook as pictured below. I was able to get pretty far, but cannot figure out a way to make the video play the appropriate size within it’s “background video” box. When I open it in chrome and mess around by adding a max-height of 100% to “.w-background-video>video”, it resolves the issue (shown in the second screenshot below). How can I make this attribute change to the background video within Webflow?

Here is my public link:
Here is my read only link: (the page in question is linked from the “Rivian Automotive” slide on the home page)

You can add the code the head section of your page (page settings) to correct this on publish (with style tags around it):

.w-background-video>video {
max-height: 100% !important;

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Hi, @Joe_Hoff,

Thanks for you response! Worked like a charm. Before I wasn’t adding the style tags.


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