Some elements different position in Exported site


So this happened to me a few times. Nothing too shocking, but a bit frustrating.
In the editor everything looks ok. Also in the published version it’s ok. But in the exported version, sometimes an elements looks slightly different (mostly position). See examples below:





Any ideas?

Hi @rowan, Might be the white space in the exported files, you can try to minify those using for example, this:

And minify the whole html content in the page, then save, repupload your page, and see if it makes a difference. We see this from time to time, because sites hosted in Webflow are minified already, but exported sites, we leave whitespace in the file so that it is easier to edit.

Try that, and see if it helps, or if not, we can continue to look. Cheers, Dave


It works, I had the same problem, thanks :slight_smile:

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