Some Elements Aren't Appearing on Mobile

Some elements aren’t showing up on mobile even though it’s set to do so in Designer. Someone asked a similar question in February and no one answered them. So I’m hoping I’ll get lucky.

Here is my public share link:

Here’s what it looks on mobile when published:

Here’s what it looks like in Designer:

Hi @KingNisha

Could you please send me the link to your live website so I can see the issue?


Sure it’s

Hi @KingNisha

What are you referring to exactly when you say:

I don’t see what is the issues. All elements appear to be showing correctly.

Hey, I provided the screenshots to show what it is I’m talking about. Maybe “elements” wasn’t the word to use. The Wedding Venue block right under the block with the quote, “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite” isn’t appearing on the live mobile site, but it’s visible in Designer.

I can see it on the live site here:

On what device type and model is this block missing @KingNisha ? Also, what browser?

That’s interesting. It’s not showing up on my phone. I guess that’s not a Webflow problem. Lol. If you know what it could possibly me, please help. Other than that, thanks for your time.

No worries @KingNisha
Always ready to help :slight_smile:

I tried to find out if you have any height or overflow settings that might cause such an issue on a smaller viewport. However, I couldn’t find anything of that sort. Maybe if you provide us with the model and make of you phone, someone can troubleshoot the cause.

By the way, beautiful website.

Good luck with your project!

All the best,
Anna K

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Sorry, I have an iPhone 6s.

So, weird! In a simulator it looks to be working on the iPhone 6S. Not sure if it’s another thing in the actual device. Maybe browser related.

I just zoom in on the computer to get the mobile view and it is showing up for me as well. Hope you figure out what is wrong. Just wanted to let you know I can see it too


@Marslover and @Anna_Kelian Thank you. Well this does make me feel better about it. If it’s just me, I can live with it. I’ll check for what it could be on my end and update this forum when I figure it out.

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Could possibly try closing the internet completely and reopening it to your website. Might need a hard refresh to actually see the change. Just an idea.

Can you try debugging with your real device (or xcode) and see whats what?

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