Some design elements I need help with to meet a 5/22 deadline

Hello Webflowers!

I have zero coding experience, about 4 months fiddling with Webflow, and before that maybe 6 months on Duda where I published 4 websites for small but paying customer in ‘fake it til you make it’ mode. My current project is for an established fitness and nutrition and welness center here in a city of 1.5mm including annexed burbs et al. I bring this up because if I can deliver a quality site it would unquestionably lead to a substantial jump in project opportunities. Yesterday I met with the client and we have set a 5/22 drop dead ‘go live’ date. They have already paid over half of the $5500 I quoted/invoiced for the site(almost soiled my draws when they agreed to price as I was prepared to go as low as $1500.00!!) and well, I’m kinda really freaking out! LOL Point being, you will likely be seeing a lot of inquiries from me over the next 10 days about things most 13yr olds should know and I would just like to thank you in advance for any help you might give me in the coming days.

Here is a quick list of design elements I am having trouble with and will be creating separate threads for with links and details:

  • Making flexbox responsive across all four screen sizes
  • Embedding Zen Planner Calendar using iFrame or Wordpress embed code
  • Social Media ‘live feeds’
  • CMS: basics for the blog page (im getting there but am not nearly as comfortable with it as I need to be.
  • uploading icon files and families
  • Some basic interactions: I have a handful in by quiver but not nearly enough and there are some specific ia’s that I will detail in a separate thread
  • ecommerce/payment imbed(PayPal) – very simple specs from client but a wrinkle I have yet to tackle.

Im sure I will come across a few more but I think that’s it for now. Please keep an eye out for my detailed separate topics on each item listed above.

And Mods, if this type of post is frowned upon I am sorry and would be happy to start over with your direction. Just let me know.

Thanks guys and gals!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Nice work! I’ll look through some of your items and try to help via screencasting.

Just some advice, if you’re able to obtain a client that’s over your head a little bit, perhaps working with another freelancer or post in the freelance section for your items. You might find that seeking paid help will give you more time to work on the internals of your business (finding the next gig) and still leave you with plenty of profit. Plus you would help out the freelance community.
Just a thought :slight_smile:

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HI Scott,
Thank you for the advice, it’s great to know that the Webflow community
is always there to help.
Believe it or not I have been able to work through most of my issues via
tutorials, old threads on forum etc. but will definitely consider paid
help. I have used upwork in the past but would prefer to use a webflow
brother/sister now that you mention it. Thanks again for the

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