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Some content on one section keep disappearing when I go to toggle preview. I am not too sure why

I was working on editing a licensed template but some content keep on disappearing when I go into toggle preview. If I restore, I will definitely lose the other content I have just added. Any who can help?

Is it that I cannot edit the template correctly? help


Here is my public share link:

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You have to be more specific. Can you provide examples, and screenshots of the content with/without preview?

Current causes section on my home page. the content keeps on disappearing when I go into toggle preview.

Before it looks like this:

and when you put it in toggle preview, it looks like this:

It seems that the original template has this bug as well.

I suggest contacting the seller for support.

thank you so much for your advice.

Hi Lungukilby, seems like you didn’t contact me about this. I came across here by coincidence. I’m the original designer.

This is a strange bug. It seems to have something to do with the interaction on the Dyanic item of that list. If you remove the fade-in interaction, it is fixed. Not sure why it’s not showing in preview mode, but works on the live site. Seems like a Webflow bug sorry to say? Not sure about it, I’ll ask support team about this…

Hi Rowan,

As the original designer of this template could you help with this:

  1. Having the causes categorized by thematic areas. If possible if they can be segregated so that each thematic area has causes which can be filtered upon search.
  2. Having each cause element labeled on top as categorized.

We want to ensure that when someone selects a thematic area, they are able to see the category and if we want to switch to featured we can do without fail.

I hope I have explained well.


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