Some collections not working? please help

I’m setting up an online magazine with my friends, but only some of my collections are working.
For example, if you go to the “culture” tab, click on “movies & tv,” you can click on either of the headers of the fake articles webflow generated for me and they will open up as a new page.

This works for “music,” “books,” and “movies & tv.” It does not work for “style & beauty,” which is also under culture, and it does not work for any of the subpages under the “lifestyle” grouping.

I set each up identically so I am not sure what the issue is? did I just reach the limit of collections webflow allows? (I have the CMS plan)

Here is my public share link:

Hi Ashlyn,

Currently the link on your style and beauty page isn’t linked to anything.

Link that to you current CMS item;


Oh thank you so much! tired eyes make sloppy work haha