Some collection pages are shown in the editor, some are not?

Hi everyone,

I have made a webflow website with some collection list that don’t need a specific collection page. For example; a photo and text slider that the client can manage with a collection list. But some collection lists are in need of a specific collection list page, a newsblog for example.

I read that I have just leave the page that is automatically created (but I have check the box ‘Exclude these pages from site results’). But now I see in the Editor that not every collection list has a page; some have, some haven’t. So I am curious how that happend?

This is a screenshot of the collection lists pages in the Designer:

This is a screenshot of the pages that are shown in the editor:

As you can see, for example the collection ‘Teamleden’ has no collection page in the editor. But the collection ‘De gehouden objecten’ has pages in the Editor. But I don’t know where the difference is between these collection and why some do have pages in the editor and some don’t?

Hope someone knows the anwser? Just to get a better understanding how this works. Thanks!