Some CMS items linking to .io domain

Hey guys,

So I have a CMS blog and each blog post has a section label at the top. I want to make that section label a link that takes the user to a specific link. The specific url would be a link to my “sections” page with the tab for the section already open. (I’m using custom code and setting each link as .com/sections#[section name])

Each section label is obviously going to need their own custom link so that when the user clicks it, it goes to the right page. My problem is that, in some cases, I have blog posts within the same collection list with different sections, and thus they need different links, so I can’t just set them all to the same external link.

I know if all CMS items in a collection list are in the same “section” I can every label to be the same external link that I input in the CMS. But I can’t think of an easy workaround if a collection list has items with different sections;

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I think this is the droid you’re looking for.

This is pefect, thank you!!