Some alignment and embedded object questions

Hi there,

I kindly ask for your help with this.

  1. I used Navbar object. With too many links, it seems to be larger than Container width, and it has two rows instead of one. How could I increase Container width for all page/site?

  2. Also Navbar object. With rather big text height in the Brand field, Links are sticked to the top. I want to align them by the midddle of Navbar, but nothing helps

  3. The same Navbar object. I want to align also Brand field by the middlle, but nothing helps

  4. I want to distribute heading, text and button by the whole image height, and align button by the center, but without stretching the button itself.

But by switching Div Layout to Flexed, I have the button immediately strecthed.

Is there another way to distribute objects and to align the button with saving the button size?

  1. Why some objects inside the container dont reach its bottom, like the text block at this screenshot

but some do, like the image at this screenshot?

  1. In PC and Tablet breakpoint Navbar borders are the same with contents’ and its ok:

but in phone mode Navbar is larger:

How to make Navbar to have the same size as Container in phone mode?

  1. Is there any way to insert embedded objects like:
    a. Last three posts in Instagram
    b. WhatsApp link and picture
    b. Telegram link and picture

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]