[Solved] Uploaded Google fonts not displaying in mobile Safari

Hi! I downloaded these Google fonts, uploaded them in woff, woff2, eot, ttf, and set it to “swap.” But they are not showing up in mobile Safari:

  1. EB Garamond
  2. Cormorant Garamond


The woff2 files are being loaded under the Network tab in Desktop Chrome too.

However, in mobile Safari, neither font displays correctly – showing the fallback fonts instead.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Test Site

Installed fonts list:

Any help is appreciated!

Hello @keywonc, make sure you select the italicize option
Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 4.15.14 PM
that should fix it the issue in mobile safari. I hope this helps.

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@Pablo_Cortes Oh my, thank you! I guess one little setting can change whether the font-face works or not. Seriously, appreciate your help :smile:

Confirming it works on mobile Safari now.

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@keywonc I’m glad it worked out for you! Your website is looking great. Take care!

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