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[Solved] SVG do not appear at all


the SVG files on my website do not appear at all (regardless of the device) when uploaded on my server. They appear tough fine on local or on Webflow. I edited myself those SVG files and exported them from Illustrator with default parameters.

Here’s the online url:

Here’s the public Webflow:

Please can you help ? Thanks in advance :smiley:


Hi @helvetica Found a solution to your problem here

It said somehow HTTP headers sent a wrong content along with your svg file that your website got it as text/xml instead of image/svg+xml.

It can be fixed by adding a rule to .htaccess file in directory that served images

AddType image/svg+xml svg

Let us know if this fix your problem.


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Yeees, it works !!!

I spent two days to figure out why it was not working.

Many many thanks pastiwibawa :smiley:

@helvetica :smiley: Glad it helps.