[SOLVED] PDF's with my link

Hello, i saw on this website https://www.vibor.it/ that the pdf is open on a new page but with the same link like this https://www.vibor.it/upld/PR1-IT.pdf and my question is how do i achieve this because when i add a custom field and link the button to the pdf it comes out with webflow link: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/


Thank you all in advance

It looks like the site was designed in Webflow but then exported and it’s hosted off of Webflow with this hosting provider: https://hosting.aruba.it/en/hosting/linux.aspx

Meaning, they can upload files to directories on that host, and serve them for download in a way that Webflow hosting doesn’t allow.

The reason you get the uploads-ssl.webflow.com url when you upload files to a Webflow hosted site is because they take your file and then upload it to their public cdn. That’s the address of their public content deliver network. No way around that when host with Webflow.

Thank you for your time and help.