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[Solved] Partial hosting outage due to Fastly DNS for SSL hosted sites

Hey guys

Im trying to access my site ( and I keep seeing this message.
Fastly error: unknown domain: Please check that this domain has been added to a service.

This is also happening to


We’re also seeing an issue on our site,

We had a partial outage for sites using SSL hosting -

Please let me know if you are still seeing any errors.

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Hello @nathan

Seems things are normalized


Hi @nathan, we are still experiencing the outage on one of our sites. Our client would prefer we don’t post a link herein public as we haven’t really launched yet.

We are using a custom domain and are publishing with SSL. Is there anything we can do on our side to get it working?

Can you send me a PM on the forums or email (nathan at with the domain? We’re not aware of any ongoing issues, so without being able to look into the specific case, it would be impossible to debug.

Happily! Thanks, @nathan!

Hi guys,

Just wondering how each of you were able to fix this? Even with the help of the Webflow staff, we aren’t able to get rid of the fastly error…

Hey @nathan I have a client site with the same issue:

The site has been live for a number of months and went down suddenly. I’m not sure exactly when it went down, but we noticed yesterday.

Hi @Mychal_Handley it looks like your domain is pointed to the wrong CNAME. Please change it to instead of what you have currently (.io):

@Mychal_Handley you can also go to your client’s site settings on Webflow and then to Hosting tab. Clicking on Check Status should reveal things that should be updated on domain provider.

Let us know if that works and if not please send us an email at mentioning this thread. Thanks!


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