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[SOLVED] Paragraph Breaks Changing in Phone/Portrait Mode

Hi all,
I’m running up against a problem with my text formatting. My website is center-aligned, and I’ve been using breaks in my paragraphs to arrange them into (what I think are) aesthetically pleasing shapes. This works fine for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone (Landscape) mode, but in Phone (Portrait) mode the compressed width of the paragraph blocks messes up all the breaks.To illustrate, here’s what it looks like in Landscape (good) -

  • and in Portrait (bad) -

I’ve specifically chosen the breaks to highlight key phrases and form shaped paragraphs. If I move around the paragraph breaks in Phone view, the changes cascade up to the Desktop view - apparently this isn’t something that’s contained by the different viewing modes. I’ve could scale down to size 9 or 10 font, but that’s barely readable on my 27" monitor, never mind a phone. Are there any good solutions or alternative approaches to shaping my paragraphs? Or is there a way to contain my line break edits to a single viewing mode?


Naturally, I solved this a half hour after I posted. My solution was to duplicate all my paragraphs and make the duplicates only visible in Phone (Portrait) view. I then applied different text formatting to those paragraphs.