[Solved] No scrolling on windows

Hi everyone,

Iv’e built a site and it works great on my computer(macbook air) but when using a windows and on chrome “about us” and “our Team” doesn’t have the ability to scroll down the page or at all.

I know Overflow:Hidden can be a factor but if taking it off hidden on these pages then the footer at the bottom sinks below view and doesn’t show the whole footer.

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/stferrer?preview=112003b4ebdf5acbc7a37d9c9ef0187b

Website: https://www.stferrer.com.au

Thanks in advance.

It appears the “Body2” class is set to overflow=hidden. This could certainly cause the problem. “Body3” on your home page, where scrolling does work, is set to auto.

Problem still appears that some of the footer disappears.

Any ideas whether it is the padding settings?

Added the Overflow to Scroll. Worked a treat.