[Solved] Need help after a silly mishandling


I wanted to update some basic text on my website today. But when I published it on the webflow staging, I noticed that something went wrong with my navbar and the top of the website. It is now slightly shifted as if I manually dragged it out of its div or something. I didn’t recall touching this part of the site but my computer was a bit laggy so I might have done it without noticing… The thing is, nothing changed in the webflow designer, it is only noticeable on the staging once it is published.

Anyway, I can’t figured out what I did wrong and reverse it. It should be as it is on the main site : ****** but right now it is like that : ******

Here is my read only link if that can help : ******

Thanks a lot for your time !

I wish I could come back to the original version few modifications ago, before I published it on the staging. Maybe that is possible somehow ?

Have you checked the “Backups” tab in your Project Settings?


Hey Max. Webflow keeps periodical backups. You can try to restore to the time you had a working version.

Dashboard Link: https://webflow.com/dashboard/sites/maximequillevere/versions

Ohhh thanks @Cricitem and @AlexManyeki I didn’t know there was a backup option ! That solved my problem. :slight_smile:


Webflow thinks of everything, saved my issues many a time having the backup