SOLVED - My form submissions aren't being sent

Warning: contains motion, sound effects and Killing Eve spoilers.

Hello Dear Webflowers. This is my first time posting so apologies if it’s not in the right place.

I’m having some difficulty with a form on my site. It’s a bit of an experimental one. I’ve been trying to make a fun game using (almost) only native Webflow interactions.

I’ve had to add a bit of custom JS, mostly just to handle SFX and scores. I’d like players to submit their scores in a form (I’ve added an embed to include the score in the form input) and I plan on having that be sent to Airtable which will then sync back to Webflow using PowerImporter.

I’m running into an issue I’ve not come across before: When a form is submitted, the user is redirected to ?

This was resolving to a generic-looking page until I styled up my 404 and now it seems to go there. Either way, I’m curious to know why the form isn’t being sent and the success (or error msg) is not being displayed.

It’s a work in progress so there are some yet-to-be-named elements and whatnot. To make things easier to debug — I’ve commented out most of the custom JS that is not currently needed. I’m sure I could do some more refactoring but hopefully the project is not too much of a mess.

You’ll need to preview in a regular browser to play the game and get to the form as it uses some mouse animations and a custom a bit of JS on the page level.



PS: Let me know in the comments what your highest score is!

Warning: contains motion, sound effects and Killing Eve spoilers.

Here’s my read-only link

SOLVED it. Well this is embarrassing… I had my page transitions bound to my .button class (the same one that was on the form). The custom code for the transition is set to preventDefault and looks for the href (which a form submission input doesn’t have).