[Solved] Modal menu interactions not working

Hey guys,

Have an issue for past few days - i am building a menu with modal windows, with a trigger set on home menu item (click). Issue started when I couldn’t hide modal window through display (the only way to control visibility in the project was to set on which platforms it would be visible), then click trigger would only work once (menu item click - modal window shows up - close click - menu window disappears - second menu item click - nothing is happening)

The hierarchy of menu is following:

  1. Body menu with 4 links. Z index not set
  2. Second layer menu. Z-index 9999
  3. Third menu layer. Z-index 99999

Please check the link below…

Currently no interactions for menu working, and it seems that menu link is interpreted only once - after first click arrow doesn’t change back to a pointer…

Any ideas on what can be an issue? Could it be that this type of layering is not good with interactions?.. (So far it is applied only to first menu item ‘Produkter’)

After several tries everything worked… no idea where was a bug, but following consequently steps from this tutorial https://webflow.com/blog/how-to-create-a-pop-up-modal-in-webflow by Mat Vogels it did eventually