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[SOLVED] Linking to Tabbed Content-Must Be Doing Something Wrong

I have tried to “select a tab using another button or link” but can’t seem to get exactly what I want. I want to be able to click on a picture in the roster section to open that player’s bio card in the tabbed content. The tabbed content is hidden by default. Additionally, a person should ideally be able to either click on a thumbnail at the bottom of the currently viewed tab or an actual tab to see another card. Any help would be appreciated. I am deployed right now with the Army so if I don’t respond right away to any assistance, I am not ignoring you. Thanks.

Hi @Aksaunders, first, sorry that you have not got too quick a response yet. I think first, looking at your site, you are really making complex use of your tabs, which is admirable, and I would like to see your site succeed. But due to the fact you have so many tabs, and so many elements on your page, it would take some time to investigate this. We will try to look at this as we have time, but others might also look, but if the response is not immediate, it is probably because you have a lot of things going on in the page :slight_smile:

@cyberdave, thanks for the reply. No worries. I will also keep working on it and will check back here each day or so.

All, I figured this out by studying the code from a website in this post about a similar question: Trigger tab open on nav click. I will update the preview site when I get off work tonight for anyone who is interested but I will sum up the steps below:

  1. Give each link that you want to open a tab a unique id. EX “my_link1” or “my_link2”
  2. Make the link’s href the name of the section or div that holds your tab container. EX “#my_tab_container
  3. Give each tab a unique id. EX “link1” or “link2”
  4. Add the following custom code (adjusted with your information of course) between the script tags on the settings page:

(function() { (’#my_link1’).click(function(){
('#link1).click(); }); (’#my_link2’).click(function(){

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