[SOLVED] Link Blocks Hiding Everything Inside


I’m having trouble with link blocks. For some reason, every link block I add seems to collapse (make disappear) all of the content inside it. This is only the case when the link is actually set to go somewhere. If I haven’t set the link to a specific page yet, it functions as I would expect.

In the image below, the center div within the Intro to Grasshopper card (cardIMGdiv) has a link block inside it and an image inside that (cardIMGdiv > iLink > imageWithBorder). cardIMGdiv is set to a width of 300px and everything below it is a width of 100%. This one is working fine, BUT, the link goes nowhere. For the Ladybug Temperature Analysis just below, cardIMGdiv is the link block and it does go somewhere (and for some reason, the whole div has collapsed). Below this image is an image of the design view for comparison.

In the image below all of the cards are formatted identically. The only difference between the two on top (where the images are invisible) and the two cards on the bottom (where the images are showing as expected) is the link blocks wrapping the images (iLink) are linked to actual pages. When the link blocks are linked, the images disappear.

Here is a link to the project: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/nuluca-0-0?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=nuluca-0-0&preview=79e6ea17bd190c6cf529421f0116a02e&workflow=preview

And the live site link: https://nuluca-0-0.webflow.io/

Here’s a few more images in case they help:

Can anyone help me with this?


In your head custom code you have a <style> element which is hiding every link that has an href starting with /members/.

Something to do with outseta perhaps?

Interesting. Thank you so much!

I’ll look into this.

Thanks again for your thoughts on this @memetican … you’re right. If I change the link to point to a page that is not inside the /members folder the problem goes away. I should not be linking directly to these pages, anyway, instead I should link to a signup page.