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*SOLVED* I created a custom Tab button, but it's glitching!

Hey Webflowers,

I created a custom Tab button for a client project that we’re really excited about, but it stopped working a few days after launch. I’m not sure why/how, as the issue mysteriously arises only after a while, and when I copy and paste the Section and into a new Webflow project, the issue is magically resolved (until another few days go by and it replicates in the new project).

Here’s a video walking you through the issue, and the project’s read only link.

Hope you can help me solve this, thanks so much and keep up the awesome work! This course has been so much fun to be a part of :slight_smile:



Chris from Webflow’s awesome support team figured out that my alignment was off for the Current Tab setting, so I just had to change Layout alignment for the current tab button (iPhone) to Stretch and justify it centered to match the non-current tab alignment settings. Woo, thanks Chris!!! The tabs work great now and is live at Never would have caught that!

Hope this can help someone else, it’s a fun tab function :slight_smile:

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