SOLVED: Horizontal scroll on mobile, only after reopening browser

Hi all,

I’m running into an issue with responsiveness on mobile. When I load the page on mobile, the it’s all fine. But when I reopen the page again (for example, by locking my screen and opening it again, or switch away from the browser app and opening it again) there’s suddenly a horizontal scroll bar. When I reload the page again, the website is fine again (no horizontal scroll bar), and when I go away from the browser and back again, the horizontal scroll bar is there again.

Any idea what causes this to happen? Here are the links to my site;

I managed to find the cause;

the rotating image was going outside of the screen, so the scroll appeared because of that (image is full height, so only the ‘white space’ above and below the image were causing it). Set the parent div’s element to ‘overflow: hidden’ and the scroll bar isn’t popping up anymore :slight_smile: