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[Solved] Glitching while resizing browser


I need some help on this. Basically I’ve got a sticky nav and slider. Nav has a size of 15% and the slider has 75%. Underneath it i’ve got a div with a heading at 10% size that slides over the slider but under the nav when scrolling down. So far so good. But I can’t get everything to “stick together” when I resize the browser to simulate smaller screens. Currently I got a white glitch at the bottom where the heading is and it “moves” up to between the nav and slider when i resize.

All there elements (nav, slider and heading section) are in a section wrapper at 100%. Body is also 100%.

Somebody got a clue?

Looks like you have a top margin of 135 on the Landing Page Slider Class. Changing it to 110 removed the white space.

I do, but when i changed it to 110, the white space became even bigger at the bottom header “Ystegårn Café & Bistro”…?

are you changing just the top margin of the Land Page Slider Class? I didn’t see that happen. Looking again.

Yes, I did it change it to 110px now.

@StevenP so it looks like you want it to now?

What I did now was to remove the 110px margin and put the slider to 90%. It got better but still I’ve got a small white glitch at the bottom heading section that has a height of 10%.

Okay…I got…I did missed that I’ve for some reason had put a 5px Move-up-pixel on the slider…
Sorry for bothering you with my idiotism, @jdesign!

No worries. We all have those “I just can’t see it” moments.

You might want to check the demo site that I think Will provided. There is a centered nav setup that might save you some time down the road.

Thanks mate! I’ll check it out!