SOLVED: Getting 404 for my category page

Hello community, I need help urgently.

I have an unpublished website. In my preview, when I click on buttons linking to category page, it opens a 404 page on a tab. As shown in the screenshot here, I can preview a correctly filtered category page by selecting the page with the dropdown menu next to the eye icon (toggle preview) on top left corner of webflow designer.

I’d truly appreciate your help with this!!

Here’s my read-only link.

Your cat links are set manually with a url pointing to your domain so if the site is not published that’s normal that’s 404.

You should set the urls automatically like this:

Current category always means link to the cat of the link/button

Wow Vincent, Thank you SO much!!
That fixed it.

I’m new to webflow (and web design in general), and earlier, somehow the dropdown menu in the purple page icon didn’t give me a “Current Category” option. So I copy and pasted url manually trying to work around it. I’m not sure what changed, but now I can select it and my problem solved. You saved my day!

Thanks again!!

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