SOLVED! - Geolocation Webflow Site

Hi I have a delivery business that’s currently only for my town of St.Paul, Alberta. I’d like to have the business in other towns. I found an available driver in Vermillion , Alberta.

I’ve duplicated my site that’s for St.Paul area and changed it to be Vermillion area…I was wondering, if there a way to switch out the homepage so if someone from Vermillion goes to the website it will be
The Vermillion Drive Buy website version…if someone from St.Paul goes to the drive buy site it will be the St.Paul Drive Buy Homepage.

Or…should I make a new domain for the Vermillion version? I just feel there must be a way so Homepage can be swapped according to where the user is from using geolocation.

I think I saw it’s called Homepage personalization… anyone know how this could be done? instead of duplicating the whole website…should i just make a duplicate of homepage, change name from St.Paul to Vermillion for the 2nd Homepage…and somehow set it so people in Vermillion see the Vermillion homepage?

I googled Homepage personalization and found this.…0…1…gws-wiz…0i71j0i10j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j0i13.9mq6hIE50cY&ved=0ahUKEwjWhprKnKzmAhUEvp4KHQ4hBf4Q4dUDCAs&uact=5

I think I saw Optimizely does something like this… but I think it costs 5 to 6 figures… any other tool or way to do this?

Google optimize can be used for this and there is a free tier.


Oh Wow! Didn’t know about Google Optimize, thank you @webdev Jeff! =) I really appreciate it, I’ll try it out now.

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All good here? Can I close the topic?

Piter :webflow_heart:

yes, will it still be visible, maybe someone else with similar question might find it helpful to know that google optimize does personalization.

May I suggest placing a “regional” button on your home page.

e.g. I go to your page, select where I am from a drop-down and then I continue as normal.

I couldn’t see the site because of the operation hours, but I’m guessing you’d have to make some modifications to the homepage to show I’m in the correct town.

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yes, I could possibly do that, thank you for the idea @TheCat =)

hi @TheCat and @PiterDimitrov… The Google Optimize doesn’t seem to be working… I asked my Driver in Vermillion to check the website in Vermillion…i used Optimize to target Vermillion and change phone number to his number there in Vermillion instead of my number here in St.Paul… but he’s seeing St.Paul home page…not the Vermillion version I updated using Optimize…

So I’m trying to make a “Pick your Town” drop down menu… i duplicated my St.Paul home page to make a Vermillion home page… Every time I try to change the phone number it changes to that same number on the other page and vice versa…I know they are exact copies of each other…so changes on one page does same change to other page… I tried changing the class names for the phone numbers, but that didn’t do anything…the class of the phone number for vermillion becomes the class of the phone number of st.paul and vice versa…

how can I get this working?

this is my share link to my site:

It’s staying the same because it’s in a navbar, so your thinking is correct.

But this brings up other issues DriveBuy will soon have. What if there are (and hopefully there will be) more drivers? Plus, DriveBuy is growing and will soon be in other areas as well.

Also, as the service grows so will the catalog. Got to get ready for expansion with delivery from UFO pizza (any pizza really), Chinese food, or even stores like a TGP or auto parts.

yes that’s true @TheCat, hoping to make enough money to get an APP made for it.

I deleted the Nav Bar in the Vermillion homepage and reconstructed the best I could so it’s Vermillion… if you go on my webflow side inside webflow here,

and you click the eye ball to see what it looks like, when you choose St.Paul…it says St.Paul everywhere and it’s the St.Paul “Use Form” version for St.Paul people…and when you go to Vermillion page it shows Vermillion info and Vermillion Use Form… BUT

When I look at the site the live site… something weird happens…it shows St.Paul for about a split second and then shows Vermillion page…some weird bug or something is not allowing people who choose St.Paul to see St.Paul info and St.Paul Use Form… this is not good :frowning: do you know or anyone know what could be the problem?


make your own phone app in webflow. just stay in the mobile view.

your live site works for me. maybe the pac-man makes the little glitch since it’s suppose to load first.

Don’t forget us little people when you get rich

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thank you for the advice @TheCat :grinning: I’m not sure if I’ll get rich from this, but planning on growing/scaling it. There’s 1 person in Vermillion who will deliver there, plus he mentioned he has some friends and a couple drivers here in St.Paul too, so it’s coming a long. My friend Real knows Web Apps, he said he’s gonna look into Native Apps and I’ll see what he thinks.

Hi there!

For the future reference, here is one solution worth checking: IP Geolocation service, for example, Geo Targetly.

It can identify your visitors’ physical locations like country, state, city by IP using GeoIP database.

Its particular tool: Geo Redirect can further seamless direct your visitors to localised web sites based on their locations. For example, if the visitor is at Vermillion, even he clicks on your St. Paul webpage, he will be automatically directed to Vermillion site.

The tool is easy to set. No code is necessary.

Hope it helps!


Very helpful, thank you @MichaelGeo! =)