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[SOLVED] Frame in embedded HTML in modal link goes full screen

Frame in embedded HTML in modal link goes fullscreen instead of staying within the embedded frame. How do I make it stay within it?

In the designer mode, it looks the way I need it:

but in the published site it opens the link from the frame code and goes full screen.

Here’s the site I’m trying to make it work like:
To open the frame click on this button (this section is closer to the bottom):

The code I’m using to embed is located in the div Panorama modal

Should I add something (what exactly?) into it or is there a way to make it with Webflow tools?

UPD: It was my mistake, I left a link tied to the button itself and forgot about it. Removed the link, now works ok.

Here is my site Read-Only: [(Webflow - Terrasa_upd)][1]