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[SOLVED] Exclude selected URLs/pages from sitemap


is there an option to exclude an url/page from the sitemap generated by webflow?

I generated some “template pages” which I use to add further pages, but I dont want them to be listed by google.

When I generate the the sitemap.xls, delete some urls from the text field, click save and publish the page … the deleted urls still appear in the online sitemap.

Is there any option to exclude template urls from the sitemap?

Can I set single pages as “noindex”?



Interesting … :wink:

When I delete urls from the sitemap (text field), save the changes and publish the changes to (1) and (2) my custom domain, the correct version of the sitemap (without the deleted urls) apperas on sitemap (e.g., but the changes didn’t become activ in the sitemap of my custom domain (e.g. On my custom domain still the old (unchanged) version of the sitemap is published.

Of course I want to submit the custom domain sitemap to google.

Any ideas how to solve this issue?



The gerneration of the sitemap directly via webflow worked perfect.

I think the problem was that the changes I made within the sitemap had not been “active” instantly after saving and publishing the sitemap, but approx. 1-2 hours later.

Not it works perfect. Thanks!

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