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[Solved] Dynamic List- columns buttons are disabled

Hi, i’m new with web flow…I’m trying to do a dynamic list, but the UI shows me the columns buttons disabled… what’s happening’ ?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Yuri, are you able to take a screenshot?

Not a beginner, and suddenly, I can’t select columns for dynamic lists either! Was working fine earlier today.

I was about to create a “related stories” section at the bottom of a customer success story template, and I can’t set the columns.

I went back to a previous template where I’d set a “related articles” section at the bottom of an articles template, and it’s grayed out there as well as showing the collection as “locked.” I’ve never seen that before either.

@thesergie Any idea what’s going on with this?

@thesergie Is this a bug? I can’t remember if the columns were available before or not…but I’m thinking so. Columns can still be created buy changing the % width of the item or changing from block to inline-block but it is confusing if the option vanished.

It is a bug. They’re working on it. :slight_smile:

Yeah guys it’s a bug. We’re looking into it now!

Having the same issue today. Thanks, @thesergie! You guys are great!

Hey guys!!! So, how long to fix this ??? i’m exciting to continues create my website!!! =)

@Yuri_Prado: Looks like they pushed a fix! It’s working for me, now.

We pushed a fix. Thanks guys!

but i just can choose the columns on desktop size… I want to choose 3 columns until wide mobil size… is that possible ? tks a lot…

That’s the limitation at the moment. We’re working on a solution for this but may take some time. What you can do is make them stack on top and then give each a class and create your own %-based widths using floats.

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