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Solved - Duplicated page turns complete white / blank in preview & published modes

Hi There,

I’m working on a simple 1 page website that I want to make in 2 different languages.

So I created the home page (Name: LT)-> duplicated it (Name: English)-> changed languages where appropriate -> set the simple button links between these two pages to move to - form.

Even though both pages look fine on editor, when I want to check my duplicated (Name: English) page in preview mode, it show a completely white / blank page. The same goes if I try to publish the site… Main home page (Name: LT) looks fine though…

Could someone help me how to solve this issue? I’m quite new here and just starting to work with webflow…

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Any help community? I would appreciate it very much…

I also need help with this issue. have you solved it?

Still having this same issue -> read only

Why is this marked as Solved?

I have the same issue and cannot find out whats wrong.

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same here, Is someone found a way to solve this?