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(SOLVED) Display information based on day of the week

Hi guys!

This is my very first post, but I’ve been reading a lot here, while doing my projects (around 5 customer websites).

I guess the post title is pretty descriptive. A customer of mine has things like “Wednesday is burger day” and we thought it’d be nice to show that automatically.

The only way to do this I found out so far, is to make a collection with an item for each of these promotional days (and opening times as well btw) for the next 10 years in Excel and filter them out by day on the website, but I don’t find that very professional.

Any other ideas?

Regards to this awesome community from Bavaria, Germany!


Hi @Tobi_Huber

Welcome to the forums!

Faster than lightning…almost…this might get you on the right tracks (cloneable project in the thread too)


That was fast! I was hoping there’s a solution without custom code. But I will try to fiddle around with this project.

Thank you!

Hi, @Tobi_Huber!

Could you give a little bit more details? Ho many different promotional days your client has? I might have some idea about how to show/hide them automatically without messing up with code


Okay, I will leave my idea here, incase it might be useful :slight_smile:

  1. Create a collection with dates of all Wednesdays (or whatever days it should be)

  2. Add items-days in that collection (in my example I added only current month)

  3. Add collection list on the page and wrap all content in the item with the div (I guess it would be promotional text and image or whatever it is)

  4. Set conditional visibility on that div


  5. Now it will show ONLY that promotion that has current date and will not show anything if current date in not the day of the week that you need.

:slight_smile: Let me know if this idea came even close to solve your problem.



Dear @sabanna, thank you for your contribution.

I was well aware of this approach. As mentioned in my initial posting, this would require me to create a collection with items for each day, for the years ahead. Thousands. I don’t find that satisfying, even though it might work. Thank you though! :blush:

Hey @Tobi_Huber did you get the time-based-reveal project code to work for you? That is my project that I created to share when I had a project just like yours that required the same content to appear on a certain day of the week every week. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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Hi Matthew. Thanks for reaching out. Yes, your project helped me a lot, but I had to alter it a bit to work with a collection, so my customers can edit the info for each day in a more convenient way.

Thanks for that. Great solution (for something that would be nice as a built-in feature in Webflow)!

Very good. Glad you found it useful.

@matthewpmunger for me its showing the day wrong, right now is showing tuesday 5 but actually is tuesday 4.

My timezone it’s CET, maybe it has a correlation?

Hi, I am having trouble displaying a CMS item for each day of the week. I followed @sabanna solution, and it seems that Webflow has changed how the conditions are set. I am trying to display this so that each day the soups of that day show up without having to manually change them each day. ( I’ve stacked the CMS content on top of each other using absolute positioning.) Here is the link to the project:

I think I am sharing the correct link, if not let me know!

If anyone has an idea it would be greatly appreciated…

Hi, @Austen_R!

This is how you can set Date to be TODAY
Image 2020-01-17 at 4.28.36 PM

Thanks @sabanna I have tried this and it will not work properly.
I am having problems getting the post to go away after it shows for one day. I have tried both “Date after or equal” and “before or equal to”

Hi @Austen_R,

Have you tried adding another filter:
Date “is before or equal to” 0 days in the past ?

Both filter have to be set.



Works for me and the dripping subscription model.

Could you try to combine both? Apply 2 filters:

  1. date is After or Equal + Today + in the past (it will restrict dates goes back in the past pass the Today date)
  2. date is Before or Equal + Today + in the future (it should restrict dates go further than Today date)

thanks! @sabanna I will try adding them both and see how it works! Seems promising!

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@sabanna Just circling back to let you know that It worked! Thank you so much!

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