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( Solved ) BG Video Not Playing anymore?

Hello fellow Webflow users, I am in a bit of pickle. I did some-time ago website for client. Everything worked fine, until recently client contacted me and said BG video on Landing page is not playing anymore.

Some extras:
I have two custom div attributes to the video:


It is a cheap hax - but it worked previously fine - reason for those attributes are so the video plays just once.
Anyhow it’s not the issue now. Issue is video is not playing anymore.

Browsers tried:
I have tested on Chrome (Mac), Safari(Mac) & Firefox(Mac). ( firefox is the only browser that allows me to “right click and press play”. While Chrome and Safari - Doesnt.

What i Have tried so far :
While in designer mode and when I press preview - it autoplays and loops forever as per normal.
But on published / hosted site - it does not.

I have re-uploaded the video - previously video file contained spaces, re-uploaded without spaces. ( Not the issue )

Removed custom tags: Still not working.

I am out of ideas, I hope I have overlooked something.
Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link:

Live link : - Hosted with Webflow.

Have you tried re-uploading a new version of the video? I had the same issue on one of my site very recently, I thought this was because of the Designers new canvas, but it affected the publishing also, so it’s more likely something happening on the CDN side.

If you reupload, I’m sure it will fix itself.

Hey Vincent.

Thanks for sharing. It kind of worked. I don’t know if it is a bug or something.
What happened was - when re-upload video - it works - autoplaying forever. If after uploading / publishing i try to add custom attributes, video stops playing.

So to cheaply work around I :

  • left video with the custom data-tag loop=false. removed “data-autoplay”.
  • re-uploaded video
  • published site ( and kind of works - for now )

I would rather use some sort of JQuery ( but my knowledge on that is very poor ) so kinda leaving it with this method.

Thanks vincent

Issue is solved.

Sorry, I completely overlooked the custom attributes part of the first message.

To begin with, I didn’t know you can add such attributes to a BG video component with effects. Where did you see you could do that? Thanks for showing me :slight_smile:

Be aware that attributes you find on HTML tutorial for HTML5 videos should not work with the BG Video Webflow component. Attributes such as controls, autoplay, loopare normally put on the tag in the HTML code, but custom attributes added to a BG Video Component in Webflow are added as custom attributes with values on the DIV containing the Video HTML element.

Secondly, why trying an autoplay attribute? BG videos are autoplay by essence.

Yes, the autoplay was an error on my part I didnt understand “autoplay” function in tags.
I did that site a while ago and was very fresh at webflow. ( Still am )
But for some reason - if put custom data attribute such as "data-loop=“false” " to the BG Video ( which as my understanding is essentially a DIV ) it doesn’t loop.

Where did you get the info that it would?

I experimented on my own. As you can see - the live version now - it only loops once.

And that is very well played, sir!

As my previous screenshot shows, your attributes are placed after the ones Webflow writes on you behalf on the container element. I’m not sure who is using those attributes, if it’s HTML or JS…

Honestly, I have no idea. But on the - when i looked it stated that loop is a boolean, element of < Video > tag - so in desperation when a boolean is present it is always true by default - like the “autoplay”, so when i tried adding false - it worked. I might have overshot in my desperate attempt with adding autoplay bool tho.

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