Solution for adding a user journal?

I have a client who’s keen on adding a user / members area that includes a Journal to track their progress. I was hoping to find an option to embed so it’s fully enclosed within the site but have come up empty so far. Any ideas?
Thanks all :slight_smile:

I haven’t encountered any service that offers a good UI with drop-in capabilities. It’s sort of a niche feature, not as common as e.g. chat or message boards.

If you want super-crude, you could embed a Google Doc, however you’d have to figure out a security model that works for the content security and access convenience you’re needing.

You could also build this from scratch using javascript, Airtable, and Make. Or another stack like Wized + Xano.

Hi Nick,

That’s doable with Webflow + Memberstack.

I’ve built similar things in the past. Here is a screencast of mine that walks through building user comments (on a post/article) with Webflow + Memberstack.

That should spark some ideas for you. The same basic approach would apply for your journaling app.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your time Michael, i’ll explore those options.

Hey Chris, that’s a great help, the tutorial is excellent. I’ll tell the client it can be done.
…you making one of those videos on ‘How to build a Journal’ soon? :slight_smile:

It might be a good one to do with Memberstack v2 :smile:

Hey @n9design ,

We recently made a little template/use case which I think does exactly what you described. Here’s a link.

All of the content is 100% private to the members!