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Software Typography Masterclass

Hi – This is my first time posting on the forums.

I just published the registration for my upcoming Software Typography Masterclass.

Showcase link:

Official link:

Pro Tip: As I care so much about good typography, I’ve added some mobile legibility easter-eggs. The colour contrast is increased on mobile, and the text becomes slightly bolder (See GIF below). This is important because phones are often moving around in people’s hands, and sometimes the brightness is lower. So, the contrast helps with text legibility.

I recognise that most people on this forum already have a keen eye for typography, so all feedback is welcome.

Is this clear? Would you register? Any bugs? etc.

The form is also hooked-up to Zapier, so it saves all submissions as an excel spreadsheet.



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I just updated it. It’s now got lots of little fun typographic details. :slight_smile: