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Software recommendation for online apps

I’m looking for a resource that translating extra strings. Not free, but cheap, but with a very good localization software like this one It’s the most useful app I have ever seen, but it’s too expensive for my very low budget.

Not-free-but-cheap I think can’t be beaten.

I’ve use them countless times and never been disappointed. On top of my mind:

  • easy to start, tool to provide a quote
  • job starts immediately, delivers, payement is only after
  • always faster than advertised
  • as good in western languages than in asian languages
  • great product management in their part, dialog is very cool
  • never an issue to ask for a redo on some parts
  • different levels of quality and they will do proof reading too, including proof-reading + rewriting when you don’t write in your language

It sound slike I’m working there but no, I’m just very satisfied with their services, I use them for 7 years now.

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