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Social sharing drop down

Hello Webflowers, I’m new here. Relatively new to web design also. I found a really cool social sharing function on a website that allowed me to clone it. So I did. Now I followed the instructions but it’s not working on my page.

Also on My page, it doesn’t update for some odd reason. It only shows " Subscribe now ! " but I have that and some more text, it just doesn’t show and neither does the Social Sharing function.

edit: I guess it does show in the preview all I did but when I open it from my design page, it doesnt.

I hope I could be helped.

My Page: (See it’s not the same as the preview, why ?? )

Trying to Duplicate:

Hi @Shadowpalm Welcome to the community and the wonderful world of Web Design! :smiley:

It looks like you deleted all the interactions. Try recloning the site and start again.

SOLVED thank you :smile:

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