Social media widgets show gray empty box

I’m trying to add social media widgets to my webpage, but when I drag and drop them onto my page, all I get is a gray box (after entering the facebook link, etc.). When I do the live preview, the gray box disappears and there’s nothing there. Help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi can you provide a screenshot?

Sure! It’s not much though - it’s literally just a gray box.

@MHC can you also provide a troubleshooting link so we can play around with your exact site? (The troubleshooting link is inside the site settings). THanks!

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I must be missing something…
I drag the Social Media widgets onto the page, insert the URL, publish the page, and nothing appears. In Design Mode I see a grey box. Same results as this post: Social media widgets show gray empty box
but the post was closed with no solution.

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Thanks in advance!

I am “training” myself and my crew to see which platform can help us with rapid deployment of quality websites, without too much hassle and bug issues. So below is a mock up “training” site:

Screenshot of problem:

Everyone is using Chrome 40 (The latest version).

This seems a bit strange. :-/ It appears to be working as expected on my end (see attachment)

(1) Can you please try using incognito mode and let me know if the behavior changes?
(2) Temporarily disable any extensions you have enabled and see if that changes anything.

Each person in my team has a Macbook Pro running Yosemite and a new-ish Dell PC running Windows 8.1 - all with latest editions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox. We encounter missing Social Media Widgets on Chrome (standard mode) every time. Switch to another browser, and it’s visible. Switch to Chrome Incognito and it’s visible again.

We need to ensure that:

  1. It’s visible on all current end-user browsers, reliable at a production-level standard.
  2. It’s visible within the Webflow Design Environment, and on the Webflow servers from the assigned subdomain.
  3. We can rapidly deploy sites without code delays or end-user complaints.

Currently, the above conditions don’t seem to be met (although I could be mistaken). Since it seems to be a “widget” issue not specific to Facebook, Twitter or G+. Could this possibly be due to a JS or CSS issue within Webflow’s generated code?

I suppose we could hand-code an AddThis snippet (future widget?), or other Social Media engagement processes, but it really defeats objective #3. Functioning and reliable Social Media engagement is a required attribute for current websites.

Any solutions and/or suggestions are welcome.


Hi @Robster, Thanks for the info! It sounds like there may be a browser extension interfering with the Webflow Designer. Have you tried disabling any of your extensions? This might be helpful:

As for your questions:
(1) The Designer is supported in Chrome and Safari 7+ and sites built in Webflow work across all major modern browsers. More info here:
(2) The only things that do not show in the Webflow Designer are custom code related. To view custom code or embedded code, you have to view the published site. We’re definitely looking to make improvements in this area though. If you have time, add your thoughts to this thread: Live Code Editor
(3) This is 100% achievable using Webflow, but depends on the user’s skill level. :smile:

I hope this helps.