Social Media Sharing (Facebook & Twitter)

Hello Everyone,

I need help to solve the problem in my new project.
Here is the read-link of my webflow project ;

I need to create a popup social media screen. I was read the tutorial from other post in this forum and its gave me a link to facebook help page. But I am still not understand how to implement the code from facebook or twitter.

Like you see in the screenshot, there are a button I already set up in my project.

So, anyone can help me on this? Sorry, the website in Bahasa.

I have another problem too about how to add a background music to the site. (I will create another post in this forum)


Hi @Firman_Suci_Ananda ,

Could you please link to the post you are getting the fb code from ? I am happy to take a look !

Here is the link

Any update for this Dave? I need it solve.

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