Social links not carrying over to bio pages

I am trying to get the buttons to link to bio pages. some seem to cary over and some do not.

Is it possible to bring them over to the unique bio social links underneath the name?

I have all switches conditioned to show if on but not sure why it is not working for all social icons?

The first image shows the bio page and the second one shows the main page but with the whole set of unique social icons relating to that talent.

On a sidenote, how do I stop the page from shooting down when I press the ‘talent’ navlink when on another page?

I also have ANOTHER ISSUE in that the arrows that indicate forward and back on the photos are not aligned either. That is driving me mad.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @tvc25,

You’ve got a lot of questions in here but i’ll start with the arrows. The margin of the left icon (Icon 2) is different that the right (Icon). See the screenshots below:

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Hey @tvc25,

The reason your page jumps when you click talent is because the link is set to jump to “talent” section on the home page.

thank you.

any idea what’s going on with these social icons by any chance?

Also, some of the images display in the gallery as blank even though the switch is off and in order for them to be visible the switch must be on.

How do I fix that?