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Hi, thanks in advance for any tips. I have a facebook,twitter, pinterest and linked-in link social block. The linked in one was Instagram on the template (i think) originally. I changed the image to linked in. Thats good. But the template still gives me pink/red mouse over/hover (which was the original image colour). Ive looked everywhere to see where to change that so i get a similar blue when mouse action takes place. Any ideas would be great. thanks

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Hi @Andrej_Wout,

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It looks like this is attached to .social-block.dribbble:hover so you should be able to find this by pressing on the LinkedIn block and selecting the hover state then checking Background color.

If you’re having issues finding this settings, please provide a read-only link and I’ll be happy to show you where to find this!


Just found this now…thank you very much. I knew it would be somewhere in there…was drvining me nuts!!! Thx again…solved


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