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Hey guys,

I need some help for a new project. I want to make a website that shows the current live results from the german soccer league on weekens. Is this possible and if yes, how ? :smile: when possible it shouldn’t show any “provider” of the results.

Background of this is, that a friend of mine has a little restaurant/bar and wants to show the results. A screen is already installed and connected to the internet.

Additional problem is, that the screen is a 42" in 9:16 format…so its vertical. Do you have any suggestions how I could adjust the webpage size to this kind of screen?

Thank you very much in advance!


Possible ways to do it:

  • find a service that does just that and allows you to embed a ticker on your site by copying code
  • find a data source for the live results, like something in json format, design the ticker in Webflow, ask a developer to write a javascript program that will inject datas from the source in your Webflow design. This will be possible using custom attributes that you can add within your Webflow site (basically it’s a kind of anchor that your developers program will look for to inject results there)
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Webpages are pretty much… vertical the same way (: I assume it’s an HD screen or 4K screen. in both cases, the smaller dimension (1080) is above Webflow desktop breakpoint so you’re designing for desktop. if you want a section to take the full screen, then give it 100VH and 100 VW as height and width dimensions (type in the vw and vh units, webflow will take it. You can also give the section the exact HD dimensions, so width 1080px and height 1920px, but really you should go for vh/vw or percentages (100% with the body being height 100% too).

1080px width is cool, small enough so you can totally use the webflow container wiget to keep thing centered.

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Thank you very much! In the moment I try to integrate a rss feed - so its the version with copying the code and it’s working. So now I just have to find a solution to give it a better look!

Does anyone have a good tool to customize rss feeds ? :see_no_evil:

You’re right it’s an hd screen. I’m going to try your solutions, but I think I will have some issues with the size of the rss feed. But I try and will report!

Thank you and sorry for all the questions!

Yeah, right, who are you to come to a help forum and… ask questions?! Crazy!


Yes please come later to show us more, I like the projects for tv screen design, I do some myself, I’d love to address vertical screen. I wrote some posts here on that particular design-for-tv topic. I found Webflow particularly equipped for the job.

Here’s one:

Wow your project looks very interesting! I think I’m going to use it for more projects and touchscreens. I often used the tool “Intuiface” for this…it’s also a very good tool, but I think webflow is much faster and easier.

So your trick with the 1080 x 1920 page totally works! Now I just have to customize the rss feed or find a better one! Do you know a tool for rss customization ?

Since they killes Yahoo Pipes, no (: But that must exist. Can you please come back and tell us what you found was best?

So I worked on it a little bit. @vincent I just found one tool to customize rss feeds… - It’s quite good but not totally satisfying. But it’s possible to upload a custom css code, so if you know how to code css yourself I think it’s a very good solution. Unfortunately I don’t know how to code css myself. Can someone tell me, if there is a possibility in css to make conditionals or “if/else” code ? So if in the rss feed the name of one soccer club shows up, that their logo is going to show up too on my site? hopefully it’s understandable :see_no_evil:

This is my progress till today!
I know it’s not a beauty but I’m kind of happy with it. I will try to work on the css code, to customize it.

May I advice you to search for this then post your question on ? Webflow is by definition aiming at non-developers so you’re possibly won’t get much answers here :slight_smile:

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