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So, about buying a license

First, I am going to see if I can fill my portfolio with enough content. Then I want to buy a WebFlow plan.

Okay, there is a plan A of 12 dollar, a plan B of more dollars, and a plan C of more more dollars.

With plan A, I have to pay approximately 10 euro every month. However, I will only have a simple portfolio maybe viewed by 1 person every week.

But, besides all of that. With the swinging markt prices, etc. Any pinnend prices?

I looked at the Mac Index and doing that comparing other countries with the Netherlands show how market systems are.
I cannot even afford an iPhone nor an iPhone in Japan either (flight ticket is not even included).

So, you guys, are you going to pin some prices in the future?
I am not going to buy a WebFlow plan now but I think I will do in the future.