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Snipcart behaviour on mobile set

Hello guys,i installed snipcart on my webflow ecommerce,not complains for the desktop behaviour,but since i move my web on tablet i have the cart opening under my navbar, if i press the add to cart button (the same window open) doesnt happen that, just simply cover all the screen as expected.
As i’m new in this i would like to know if maybe i set something wrong on my navbar.
The truth is weird that the add to cart button open the window correctly and the button for My account/shopping cart behave differently.

Any suggestions on what to check?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])


Hi there,

It very much looks like your site’s CSS styles are conflicting with Snipcart’s.

I think there was a problem with how you generated the read-only link to your site. It’s not clickable at the moment.

It would definitely help to be able to so your site in action with Snipcart in it.


Hi Francis, thanks for answering.
I sorted it.
Just to let you know if you work with webflow the Navbar (pre-built component) is set on relative and is z-index is on “auto” so it tries to overlay to any content always.
The same behavior I had it for the dropdown element in webflow, wich also go on top of the cart content in his preset values.

I managed to fix that changing di z-index from “auto” (prefixed on webflow) to “0”.

So on it works fine.

I hope to not get any issue like that.



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