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SnazzyMap not displaying correctly


I’m a beginner in Webflow and have a problem with the display of my embedded snazzy map.
The website’s name is: or published:

In some browsers it’s displayed in the upper part of the div. Why?

Can somebody help me?

Thanx in advance…


Hello @beyker

Can you share a screenshot of the issue please? and your read only link please?

Hey aaronocampo,

here’s my sharing-link:

And screenshots…

Thanx for helping…


Oh I see what the issue is now.

For some reason Safari doesn’t treat flexbox elements the same way as chrome or other browsers. What I would recommend is

  1. Access your webflow project through Safari
  2. Modified the flexbox elements the way you want to see them and
  3. Publish your site

Once you’ve done this you’ll see all the styles are now as you needed them.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Aaron, the browsers were too old… that was the problem…
Best Regards, Verena

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