Smooth scrolling on safari / mobile version

hi all, the desktop version scrolling is somewhat smooth and loads faster than on an ios mobile version, on the iPhone version the scrolling is lagging, and not smooth overall, I did reduce the image sizes and clean up my interactions and styles

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

hi @Tocka_Shaheen the best way to get help on live pages is to provide link to published site. Your read only links is fine but issue is related to published site and as your site 'doortech-egypt" is not published no one can have option to see what do you mean. If is your site live please follow form guide and provide this link too.

You can be also more specific about the tissue. Is this issue related to whole website and scrolling issue is related to scrolling pages or it is just certain page etc. Giving more detailed description can save time for people who can help.

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hi thank you so much, yes my site is not published yet as i am afraid to publish it with how slow the scrolling is on the mobile version is, the issue is in all the pages when scrolling through the mobile version the scrolling isn’t smooth enough , especially on an iphone, on an android device / mobile it is much smoother tho

What site you referencing you are testing on iPhone when is not published even on doortech-egypt at It is not possible to test non published website. Are you referencing a Webflow EDITOR preview?

ohh , okay! :sweat_smile: i thought the webflow editor preview would allow me to test the website before publishing it! okay, sorry that’s my first project, but thanks anyway!

no worry, preview is not the best thing and it is very glitchy (do not trust what you see in editor preview). The preview also doesn’t support JS, this mean you have to always publish your changes and check published site to see correct result.

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okay perfect thanks, i’ll keep that in mind and i’ll publish the website!